Test Delivery

Minerva delivers your rich content in both linear and adaptive tests and with security and reliability features that you can rely on.

Linear Tests

Create whatever test structure you require and then select from multiple navigation modes and timing options, to deliver tests exactly how you want them.

Rich content

Include images, and audio with configurable timings and playback options all designed to give the best possible candidate experience.

Adaptive tests

Deliver online adaptive tests that are constructed as candidates answer each item, creating unique tests optimised for accuracy, reliability and with instant results.

Online Tests

Support your students’ learning with practice tests, available to take wherever candidates want, on a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Secure Tests

Secure check-in and invigilation processes using facial recognition, combine to make test-taking a secure, professional and efficiently managed process for candidates and test venue staff alike.

Test resilience

Built-in resilience so candidates can continue to take their test even if they temporarily lose internet connection.

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