Content Repurposing

We can help you make sure that whether you are migrating paper-based tests to online delivery, or re-publishing existing computer-based tests, their underlying test constructs are properly represented in the Minerva tests you create.

Paper-based tests

We have many years’ experience of migrating test content and can work with you to identify the best way to deliver your content in an online testing format. We will help you ensure that your existing test content is delivered using the latest innovations in online assessment, while ensuring they remain consistent with your existing test constructs.

Importing Content

We have experience of importing many different types of test content. We can automate the import of your item content whether it uses the IMS QTI format, or is held in a proprietary database, MS Excel spreadsheets, or even MS Word documents. Whatever the current source, we can provide tools to automatically transform and load your content, removing the risk of transcription errors and efficiently populating your Minerva databases to get your assessment project off to the best possible start.

Item Analysis

Tests that you have run previously will have item response data available for them. We can help you analyse existing item data to generate classical item analysis statistics and may potentially be able to find a basis for linking and calibrating these items to estimate item difficulties for them as well.

Once we have the item statistics, we can import them into Minerva and associate them with your imported or authored content. You can then use these item statistics when you are evaluating their performance and also when you are re-using them in new live tests, if your item re-cycling policy supports this

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