Product Development

We can help you evaluate and improve your existing products, as well as work with you to develop a business case and then manage the test development project for any new products.

Existing Products

Periodically, you will want to undertake an evaluation of your tests to ensure that they continue to provide the expected reliability, validity, impact and overall usefulness that test takers expect. We have significant experience of running both qualitative and quantitative analysis projects that will provide valuable insights to how your tests, test processes, and candidates are performing.

Reviewing the available data in your organisation and your target markets will enable us to develop a roadmap for validating and revising your existing products and, potentially, can identify new products to take to your markets.

New Products

When creating a new test, it’s important to have a clear mandate and assessment rationale for it. We have a extensive experience creating a wide range of different assessment products, and can help you answer the questions and resolve the issues typically associated with test design and development. Furthermore, we will ensure that your new product is developed not just cost-effectively, but also in line with internationally recognised assessment standards. We can also arrange and manage Standard Setting workshops if mapping test scores to internationally recognised standards, such as the CEFR, is required.

Test Mandate & Business Case - We will help you complete this phase of work to answer the key questions about the design and operation of the test. And once you have this in place, you can then make an informed decision about when and how to start the project.

Test Specifications – When you have approved the project to begin, we then create a detailed project plan based on the available resources and the specific features required in the new product.

Central to this is this development of the test specifications document. This captures every detail about the new test. Starting with your test construct statements and the claims you wish to make about what test scores mean and how they can be used.

We support you every step of the way to ensure your new product is valid and reliable, operationally viable, and useful to the candidates who take it.

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