Results Production

Minerva provides you with a number of grading and results publishing solutions to utilise, whatever your approach to setting and maintaining standards.

Raw Score Grading

Map raw scores to a scale and then identify the grade boundaries using your preferred standard setting methodology.

Ability Score Grading

Equate tests using Rasch item difficulties and then apply a grade card to report results on standardised scale.

Classical Item Analysis

Use Minerva’s built-in analysis tools to generate classical item statistics to evaluate the of quality of items and performance candidates.

Rasch Item Analysis

Create a bank of calibrated items using Minerva’s built-in Rasch analysis tools, an essential requirement for computer adaptive testing.


Configure your grade card to support results publishing immediately a test has been completed.


Configure your grade card to allow time for item analysis to be reviewed and grades set prior to results publishing.

Angoff Standard Setting

For medical education, use the Angoff standard setting tools to set item pass marks.

Linear Regression

Use OSCE examiner global marks to plot pass marks for medical education tests.

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