Custom Solutions

Minerva’s flexibility is designed to give you complete control of your assessment operations, but we have extended that to include data imports and exports as well as supporting custom solutions you may want to use, for example, to integrate Minerva with existing applications.

Managing Your Data

Minerva gives you great options to view and manage all of your assessment related data. However sometimes you might need to work with data that’s stored in external systems. That’s no problem we’ve got imports and exports for commonly used scenarios, so that for example you can:

Whatever your data management needs, Minerva can support your requirements.

Test Launching

The Minerva portal provides candidates with access to tests delivered online, in classrooms and at test venues, but we are also happy to support other test launching scenarios. If you want to make Minerva tests available, for example, to an existing candidate site, then it’s easy to do this with our test launching APIs. These let you seamlessly and securely launch tests, and then access candidates’ results, from your existing LMS or other website.

Custom Development

The Minerva platform has been designed to provide maximum flexibility in terms of how you use it, and also a complete set of tools to manage item and test production, candidate bookings, test delivery, and results publishing. However, if you need additional capabilities that are specific to how your organisation works or custom integration with existing applications then talk to us about how we can develop new features, capabilities and assessment innovation for your organisation.

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