About Us

With thirty years in the Assessment and Learning industry in both the private and public sector, the Minerva management team have come together to channel that experience into building the Minerva Assessment System.

Simon Beeston – Director of Assessment

I have previously managed the development of item banking and test delivery projects for both the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge as well as a digital learning program for BPP. It has been hugely rewarding to use that experience to design a next-generation assessment system that packs all of the power of the huge assessment systems I’ve worked in the past, but broken down into easy-to-use processes, all delivered in one end-to-end platform.

I’ve worked on many product development projects and taken those through from design to market delivery and would love to look at your projects with you to see how we can help you develop your assessment products in whichever sector you operate.

We believe that Minerva’s user-friendly tools, process automation and rich functionality, make even the most complex assessment projects straightforward and achievable. Let us show you what the Minerva platform can do for you and your assessment teams to create measurable benefits for your organisation, both educationally and commercially.

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