Item Production

Configure item templates, workflows and schedules to give you full control and visibility of the item production process.

User-friendly item authoring tools

Empower your Item Writers and Subject Matter Experts with intuitive but powerful authoring tools.

Single source publishing

Author once and re-use in computer-based and paper-based tests without further changes.

Out-of-the-box item templates

Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking items for language testing. SBA, EMQ and OSCE item templates for Medical Education.

Configurable item workflows

Audit trails and item versioning of all workflow stages thus ensuring adoption of best practice assessment processes.

Configurable Item templates

Assign item writers full or restricted control when authoring their items to allow them as much, or as little, control as you wish over the item layout and scoring rules.

Configurable workflow schedules

Manage routine admin tasks by automatically sending users email updates when the status of their assigned content changes.

Configurable meta-data

Create your attributes to describe your content for test selection rules and item filtering.

SME Collaboration

Add Notes to items and return to colleagues to maximise online collaboration.

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